Top 5 Questions Personal Trainers Get in 2022

Have you been curious about hiring a personal trainer, but you aren’t completely convinced they are worth the investment? Maybe you have gained weight, lost muscle, had an injury, or are just exploring fitness and need some direction. Personal trainers can be an incredible asset to any exercise regimen, for novices and advanced fitness buffs. Furthermore, did you know there are many different specialties within personal training – basically, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Finding the right trainer near you is akin to hiring a coach or a tutor. You have to explore whether they are the right fit for your personal goals. One of the things we pride ourselves on at Rockwell Fitness, is having a diverse group of personal trainers on staff, to ensure clients can choose the right trainer for their specific goals.

In this article, we sat down with personal trainer Bree Moore of Severna Park (Certification: ISSA-CPT), to find out what the most popular questions she receives from current and potential training clients. She narrowed it down to 5 questions, which she said she is asked on weekly basis. Read on to see if you have similar questions and to discover Bree’s answer to each one.


“I work and am busy, how can I find time to make working out a priority?”

One of the top benefits across the board that come with hiring a personal trainer is accountability. Even those with the best of intentions struggle with keeping a consistent exercise  because they’re so busy, which is why paying someone else to hold you accountable can do wonders.  You’ll start to see your time in the gym as an investment in yourself instead of an obligation you can easily slack off.


“What am I supposed to do in the gym?”

That depends on your goals! Trainers work alongside you to understand your fitness goals, as well as come up with a training plan to help you reach those goals in the most effective way possible. No more wandering around the gym wondering what to do next – Hiring a trainer allows you to use your valuable time more efficiently and get more out of your workout.


“How can I make working out part of my lifestyle?”

Just like any new habit, integrating an exercise routine into your already busy lifestyle can seem almost impossible to do. With the right motivation and consistency, however, it’s entirely possible. Working closely with a personal trainer helps you build your own confidence in the gym, as well as develop a sense of discipline that will serve you for years to come.


“How can I stop the ‘yo-yo’ diet trends?”

While the latest trending diet can seem alluring, the results don’t last. Investing time into learning from a professional the best way to workout according to your unique goals is the only real way to create the sustainable change you’ve been looking for.


“How do I know what training plan will work best for me?”

Luckily, personal trainers have extensive training and education around how to create effective exercise programs for their clients. Regardless of your current fitness level, schedule and fitness goals, personal trainers work with you to come up with a training plan that checks all the boxes.


We hope this helped answer some questions you might have regarding finding the right personal trainer for you. If you would like more information on our personal training staff, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. We offer both in-person training at Rockwell Fitness, in addition to online personal training services, so you can receive training in the comfort of your own home. 


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