Why 2022 Is The Year You Must Add Boxing To Your Fitness Routine

Previously known as an aggressive sport for men, boxing is starting to gain traction in the wellness world. It’s more and more common to see boxing classes for people of all ages and genders, making this incredible sport accessible to more people than ever before. Though people begin for various reasons, anyone who integrates regular boxing into their exercise regime is sure to experience the massive physical and mental benefits that come with it. In this article, we explore the many health benefits of boxing and why it could be the key to your fitness success in 2022.

What are the Benefits of Boxing as Part of a Fitness Routine?

Boxing is one of the best well-rounded workouts that exist, and for good reason! Those who practice boxing as part of a regular fitness routine can expect to work every group of muscles on their bodies, as well as increase cardiovascular health, build endurance, strengthen their core, release endorphins and get an awesome workout. It’s important to maintain both physical and mental health as part of a well-balanced lifestyle, and yet people are busier than ever. Adding boxing into a fitness regime allows individuals to experience the benefits of both in a single class. 

Is Boxing a Good Workout for Women?

In short: Absolutely! From a physical standpoint, most women tend to train lower body more than upper body. During a boxing class, however, participants get a full-body workout, including arms, shoulders, back and core, while building muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. In addition to being an excellent cardio workout, boxing arguably has more mental benefits for women than it does for anyone else. The unfortunate reality is that women can never be too prepared, which is why even beginner-level boxing classes teach basic techniques. Participants can expect to learn how to throw a fast, strong punch, as well as how to avoid hits that come their way. Not to mention, learning how to keep calm in a stressful, but controlled, environment, such as a boxing class, will also help train the mind to stay calm while acting quickly, in the case of any real-life threats.

What are the Health Benefits of Boxing?

1. Increases Cardiovascular Health

Everyone knows that boxing is excellent cardio, but why is that? The constant full-body movements involved in a class put the cardiovascular system in an aerobic state, which gets the heart pumping and lungs working harder in a safe way. Maintaining a healthy heart can protect anyone from many devastating medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

2. Great Core Workout

Though most people consider boxing an arm workout, it is actually excellent exercise for the core. Practitioners are constantly utilizing their core to stabilize their bodies and be able to hit effectively, quite literally strengthening their centers with every punch. A solid core also promotes good posture, which does wonders for those who experience frequent back aches or neck pains.

3. Builds Functional Strength

Building muscle mass is important, of course, but being moderately strong with excellent muscular endurance translates far better in real-life situations. A boxing class includes weight training, learning technique and repetitive movements, providing the practitioner with a well-rounded level of fitness beneficial to everyday life.

4. Promotes Mental Health

It’s safe to assume that taking a boxing class will decrease stress levels, but this sport-turned-workout is also great for increasing confidence, improving sleep quality and boosting overall mood. Participants who attend boxing classes regularly will undoubtedly experience the boosted self-esteem that comes with showing up for themselves week after week, but also from seeing improvements in their technique, strength, endurance and more.

5. Burns Calories like Crazy!

Because it builds muscle mass, boxing regularly will allow participants to burn more calories while resting, increasing metabolism. Even just taking one boxing class is an intense workout, the average class burns up to 800 calories per hour, giving a huge boost to any weight-loss journey.

Whether you’re interested in trying out your first class or committed to making boxing an integral part of your workout routine, Rockwell Fitness has you covered. Check out our schedule today and sign up for a class.


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