Why Women Should Give Krav Maga A Try

May 28 Written By Courtney Smith

Severna Park, Maryland

Krav Maga is increasingly becoming a popular way for women to learn self-defense and benefit from a full-body workout. Our Krav Maga classes are available in our state of the art fitness facility in Severna Park, Maryland.

Every woman knows the fear of walking alone in a secluded place after dark. It is an unfortunate reality of our world today that women have to take extra measures to keep themselves safe. Because of this, Rockwell Fitness in Severna Park is proud to offer Krav Maga classes to its members. Krav Maga is an incredibly practical way for women aged 10+ to learn self-defense in a safe and approachable setting. Not only does this useful technique teach real-life skills that can, quite literally, save a life, it allows women to feel more confident in their own abilities to defend themselves and therefore feel more at ease as they move through their lives. Originally developed for the Israeli Defense Force, Krav Maga combines Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Judo and Aikido to create a fighting system that is incredibly practical for real-life situations.


Krav Maga classes are focused on teaching women how to defend themselves based on the ways that women are typically attacked. While learning how to form a proper fist is crucial, Krav Maga students will also become familiar with how to get out of a hold, use a handbag as a weapon and so much more. Not to mention, Krav Maga focuses on attacking the most vulnerable parts of the body, which are undoubtedly the most effective in a real-life scenario. These types of hits are prohibited in other forms of martial arts, making this fighting system the most effective.

This is a very specialized training used by our own DOJ, LEO’s and Secret Service. Great for anyone looking to learn how to protect themselves from an attacker.”

Brian, owner of Rockwell Fitness

Krav Maga FAQ’s

1. Is Krav Maga good for beginners?

While this self-defense technique does require dedication and hard work, it is not that difficult to learn. Especially with experienced instructors, like those at Rockwell Fitness in Severna Park, learning this technique is do-able even for the novice. Krav Maga is inherently designed for simplicity and practicality, meaning that beginners will be learning practical skills in no time.

2. Is Krav Maga a good workout for women?

Not only does it sharpen your mind, Krav Maga is great for the body. This fighting technique consists of kicks, punches and other vigorous aerobic moves that make up one tough workout. Krav Maga is known for improving agility, building strength and increasing balance. Participants are guaranteed to leave class stronger, both mentally and physically.

3. Is Krav Maga the best self defense class for women?

In short: Yes. It is a by-any-means-necessary method of defense, which means that it teaches people to not only use their bodies for striking, but also purses, coats and anything else available to keep one safe from an attacker. It also emphasized tactical thinking, so that even if the woman is smaller than her attacker, she will still be armed with effective ways to subdue an aggressor.

A convenient drive from Annapolis, Pasadena and Arnold, Rockwell Fitness is located in the heart of Severna Park. Those interested in trying out a Krav Maga class can drop in for just $20. Visit our website today to learn more about our facility and review our class schedule.


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