Why Booking 4 Sessions With A Personal Trainer Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Severna Park, Maryland July 11, 2022

If you’ve ever tried to start or re-start a gym routine, you know it’s easier said than done. In fact, 90% of the people who create New Years’ resolutions having to do with exercise quit after just three months, with 43% quitting within the first month. Similar to forming any other new habit, committing to an exercise routine may seem close to impossible, with cost, time constraints and overall discomfort as some of the top reasons why people aren’t able to achieve what they set out to do. That’s where the help of a certified personal trainer and the 21 day rule come into play.

It Takes 4 Weeks to Make A Habit

Many people think that having a solid exercise routine has to do with being motivated, but on the contrary. Motivation is great, but most of us lose motivation when we’re tired or stressed, meaning that it’s not something we can consistently rely on. The key to success, be it in the gym or elsewhere, comes down to our daily choices, or habits. They say it takes 3-4 weeks to make or break a habit. So, according to this theory, people who want to form a consistent gym routine should go to the gym 4 times per week for 4 weeks. That sounds easy enough, but how do you get yourself to show up when it’s not yet a habit? Two words: Personal Trainer.


Myths About Hiring A Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer 4 times per week for 4 weeks will undoubtedly set you up to get long-term, sustainable results. The only reason why most people don’t reap this benefit is because many quit after one or two sessions with a trainer. Why is that?


While Rockwell Fitness is proud to offer highly-certified and experienced personal trainers at an affordable price, we also understand that everyone has a different budget. Many gyms offer the first session free and, when it only takes three to four to form a habit, the decision to invest is an easy one. If you end up with a life-changing exercise routine, weight loss, improved mood and better sleep, we’d say it was worth it.

Feeling intimidated

Just like forming any other new habit, starting to work with a personal trainer might feel uncomfortable at first. Because trainers educate you on what exercises to do, it’s actually the perfect way to start feeling more comfortable and confident during your time in the gym.


Benefits of Hiring A Personal Trainer

The idea isn’t to need a personal trainer forever; it’s to hire them for long enough to cultivate the discipline to show up on your own. Hiring a personal trainer has a list of benefits, with the top three being accountability, education and getting a personalized plan.



You’re much less likely to skip a workout when you know someone is counting on you to be there. Investing in just a few sessions with a trainer ensures that you get used to showing up and doing the work – a habit that is crucial to maintain a lasting gym routine.



Having someone to teach you how to properly do each exercise from day one lessens the likelihood of injury and allows you to work smarter, not harder and train the muscle groups you need to see the results you desire. Also allows seasoned gym goers to learn new exercises that challenge the same muscle groups in different ways, expanding your fitness


Personalized Plan

Even if you don’t work with a personal trainer in the long run, starting off with one can set you on the right track to reach your unique fitness goal.


Read our recent article of The Top 10 Benefits of Hiring A Personal Trainer to learn more. Whether you’ve changed up your fitness routine and are trying to get in a new groove or are committing to the gym for the first time, hiring a personal trainer could be the key to your success. 


Are you ready to hire your very own certified personal trainer? Rockwell Fitness is proud to have some of the most well-respected trainers working in our facility. Check out our membership options to join the Rockwell community and get started.

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