Fun Summer Activities That Burn Calories

Fun Summer Activities That Burn Calories

Annapolis, MD

Schools are out and summer is officially here! If you’re worried about staying in shape this summer or simply balancing getting your steps in with the quintessential warm-weather treats, Rockwell Fitness has your perfect solution. Check out our list of the top 7 fun summer activities that also burn calories.


Stand Up Paddleboarding –  Up To 444 Calories Per Hour

SUP – How many calories does SUP burn? Combining balance practice with a gentle, yet potent, full-body workout, paddleboarding burns up to 444 calories per hour.


Kayaking – Up To 300 Calories Per Hour

How many calories does kayaking burn? The rowing motion used when kayaking is a powerful arm, shoulder and back workout, which builds muscle and burns around 300 calories per hour.


Swimming – Up to 510 Calories Per Hour

Is swimming a good way to burn calories for weight loss? On the hot summer days around Annapolis, there’s nothing better than taking the kids to the pool or having a dip in your backyard! Let the kids burn off excess energy while you burn those calories – up to 510 calories per hour to be exact! Swimming is generally a low heart rate method of burning calories, which makes it a great option to support your fitness goals!


Biking – Up To 500 Calories Per Hour

Is biking one of the best ways to burn calories? Everyone knows that biking is great exercise, but that also includes riding a beach cruiser around your neighborhood. Burn around 500 calories per hour on a sunset ride around the block.


Rollerblading – Up To 800 Calories Per Hour

Is rollerblading a popular way to burn calories? Lacing up your skates, aloe, with a friend or with your little ones burns up to 800 calories per hour and can be fun for the whole family!


Gardening – Up To 300 Calories Per Hour

Can you burn calories while gardening? Absolutely! Do you have a green thumb? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that gardening can burn around 300 calories per hour. Plus, you’ll enjoy natural Vitamin D if you are gardening while the sun is shining. 


Walking on the Beach – Up To 320 Calories Per Hour

Does a stroll on the beach burn any calories? You will be happy to know, the answer is YES!  A beach stroll is not only romantic, but it can count towards your daily workout. At a speed of just 4mph, a morning stroll burns around 320 calories per hour.


Staying active this summer doesn’t have to be a chore and, with so many enjoyable options to choose from, it won’t feel like one either. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level and join our gym in Annapolis, visit here to learn more about our membership options or sign up today to get your first month free.


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